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House Portrait
Watercolor 10" x 12"

The home owner was preparing a major renovation and wanted to

memorialize the original cottage. Photos were taken at several times of

day to determine the best light. Then color studies were presented for evaluation. Thru collaboration with the owner, adjustments were made and

the final painting was completed.
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Commissioned Landscape Oil 30" x 40"

I was hired by an architectural design firm to create a landscape based on a photograph. The goal was to bring a familiar landmark into the community atmosphere at an assisted living complex.

   Following a visit to the site of the photograph, I was able to place the landscape in a stronger context by bringing in architectural elements and

replacing the static bird in the photo with an egret engaged in fishing. 
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Public Art

Oil on Canvas 8" x 44"

I was selected, through a RFP process, as one of four artists to create three paintings representing local, historic, scenes of the Eastern End of Long Island. Black and White images were provided to help identify the assigned topic. However, turning an 8 x 10 image into a 8 x 44 composite narrative required  additional research and in some cases original photography to capture the sense of place and time of day. See more:

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